Omsk Carbon Group’s priority in product safety is the manufacture of competitive products, meeting all the requirements of international chemical laws.
Carbon black is widely used in many branches of industry, including consumer goods, toys and products contacting with food. That is why Omsk Carbon Group assists its clients in every possible way in effective and safe use of its products.
What does Omsk Carbon Group do to maintain product safety?
  • Following priority guidelines in product safety control;
  • Undertaking obligations to observe the REACH Regulation, Russian and international chemical laws in the product safety field;
  • Improving production technologies
  • Developing a new «FA» product line (high purity line for sectors with special safety needs)
  • Implementing a program of additional safety testing


Safety Data Sheet_SDS
Product Safety Policy
Regulatory information
REACH Compliance Statement
Product safety is crucial for the company’s business. Continuous improvement and product adjustment to market needs reinforce Omsk Carbon Group’s position in the international market.

We pay special attention to each stage of the production process and monitor compliance with laws in this area.

for providing documents evidencing product compliance with the REACH Regulation and SVHC as well as safety data sheets in customer’s languages and additional product safety information

Omsk Carbon Group Product Safety Representative: