Omsk Carbon Group manufactures carbon black in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, sells the products on the domestic and foreign markets and makes considerable contributions into competitive growth of the Russian economy
The company aims towards intensive growth based on the expansion of its product-line and the presence in foreign markets
Our mission is to manufacture hi-tech products while keeping balance between effectiveness, environmental protection and safety.

Our history













10 000 tons

Start capacity of the plant

Omsk Carbon Black Plant Launched

Omsk Carbon Black Plant was launched on April 27, 1944. The large industial facilities were built in a record-breaking time in an empty steppe far away from residential areas. The plant was constructed «from the wheels». Prefabricated units, received by rail, were immediately delivered to the construction site. Much of the equipment was made and mounted on-site using own resources. The production capacity of the plant was 10 thousand mt per year. For 8 months of its operation, the plant produced 695 tons of lamp black.

3 847 tons

of products produced over the year

Production Development

The plant produced active and semi-active grades of carbon black. In the period from 1944 to 1945, the production output increased 6 times! The blacks of Omsk Plant were used for the needs of the front in the production of tires of military and civil equipment.

40 000 tons

Plant capacity after redesign

Production Capacity of Omsk Carbon Black Plant Increased

Until the 1970s, carbon black was produced by the lamp method, which is one of the oldest. The quality of blacks produced in that way did not fully meet the requirements of the tire industry. Following substantial funds allocation by the government, the plant was redesigned for a more up-to-date furnance method. The capacity of the plant rose to 40 thousand tons per year.


the first export grade to Japan

Exports Began

The plant was the first in the industry to master the production of N-grade carbon black in accordance with ASTM standards and began exports shippment of N220 to Japan for Bridgestone.

7 grades

were accepted between 1998 and 2000

Cooperation with Major Overseas Campanies Began

From 1998 to 2000 the plant achieved the required quality of N234, N299, N339, N347, N550, N650 and N660 and obtained their acceptance by major overseas companies

6 MW

the power of the first own turbogenerator

Transition to Own Power Supply Made

The plant supply itself with electric power almost completely by utilizing tail gas. By 2004, the power of mini cogeneration plant increased from 6 MW to 18 MW.


the year when Volgograd Carbon Black Plant was launched

Volgograd Carbon Black Plant Acquired

During the construction of the Volgograd Carbon Black Plant, many of the problems existing at other carbon black facilities at the time were solved. Thus, for the first time in the USSR, carbon black production was in line with sanitary standards. By the late 1980s, the Volgograd plant`s nominal production capacity reached 200,000 mt per year. The plant was the largest in the country.

Product Range Development

The company started the production of a special series of high-purity grades intended for the use in critical items with regard to safety.

Extanding Geographic Reach

In order to improve the quality of customer service and ensure just-in-time deliveries, since 2012 the company has been implementing a program to established its own logistics and distribution centers. To date, representative offices have been opened up in Canada, Romania, Turkey and Germany.

Own Series of Special Grades Created

Efforts by the Research and Development Center of Carbon Materials, established jointly with the Institute of Hydrocarbons Processing in 2012, resulted in the development of a production technology for new grades of carbon black with specific, non-standard properties - a series of special OMCARB grades

Construction of Omsk Carbon Black Plant Commenced

On July 29, 2014, a time capsule was buried in the city of Mogilev (Republic of Belarus) marking the beginning of construction of a carbon black plant by Omsk Carbon Group.

Volgograd Carbon Black Plant Upgraded

Since the early 2000s, Omsk Carbon Group has been gradually implementing programs aimed at upgrading and putting new facilities into operation. Having the capacity 40 000 mt of material per year the 4th production line of Volgograd branch was commissioned in the middle of 2016

Company Structure

Omsk Carbon Group OOO
Commodity and Special Grades Plant


Was founded in
20 Barabinskaya Str.,
Omsk, Russian Federation, 644049

Omsk plant produces more than 250 thousand tonnes of high quality carbon black annually. The major part of the products is exported to worldwide renowned producers of tires and industrial rubber products.

Omsk carbon black plant was constructed on the run and started operations on 27 of April 1944 in short term.
Omsk plant was the first in Russia to master production of carbon black of «N» grades according to ASTM standards in 1991. That was thea start of exporting N220 grade to Japan for Bridgestone company.
The plant developed most of the commodity grades, which were accepted by renowned world companies in 1998-2000. Nowadays the plant produces more than 30 grades of carbon black.
Volgograd Branch, Omsk Carbon Group OOO
Commodity Grade Plant


in Group of companies since
61 40 let VLKSM Str.,
Volgograd, Russian Federation, 400029

The Volgograd plant is one of the fastest growing carbon black facilities in the European region.

The carbon black plant was built in 1961 within a Volgograd chemical plant. On 30 December, 1964 the first production line was launched.
In 2005 the Volgograd plant became part of Omsk Carbon Group OOO and a valuable and strategic asset of the company.
The plant site has been radically upgraded to improve product quality, expand product lines and increase the output.
IOOO Omsk Carbon Mogilev
Commodity Grade Plant


Plant launch in
45 Shmidt Str., Mogilev, Republic of Belarus

Logistics centers and offices

Omsk Carbon Europe GmbH
Omsk Carbon Group’s Office in Europe


Was founded in
4b Borker Str., Waltrop,
Germany, 45731
The first international office of Omsk Carbon Group was founded in 2012. Due to the rapid development of business in Western Europe in 2015, the office expanded its area of responsibility to the entire European market.
Omsk Carbon Europe’s premises include a sales office, a warehouse and a product quality laboratory. All these allow us to provide quality service to the largest European customers. The company is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.
Omsk Carbon Turkiye Dis Tic Ltd Sti
Omsk Carbon Group’s office in Turkiye and the Middle East


Was founded in
Piazza Ofis Cevizli Mah.Tugay Yolu Cad. No:69/A Kat:18 D:62 Maltepe,İstanbul,Türkiye 34846
The sales office and logistics center Omsk Carbon Turkiye Dis Tic Ltd Sti was established 2014 at the industrial heart of Turkey — the city of Istanbul.
The own sales office and availability of warehouses in several Turkish regions facilitate prompt deliveries and response to changes in trends and challenges of the tire market in Turkey and the Middle East.
The company is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.
Omsk Carbon Canada Ltd
Omsk Carbon Group’s office in North America


Was founded in
1100-1959 Upper Water Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 4N2, Canada
The sales office and logistics center Omsk Carbon Canada Ltd. was established in 2014 to meet the needs of existing North American customers and attract new ones, offering the advantages of closer location and effective service.
High mobility and the ability to deliver products in a short time are the key to providing logistics to customers just in time.
The company is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.
Omsk Carbon Singapore Pte. Ltd
Omsk Carbon Group’s office in Singapore


Was founded in
1 George Street #21-07, Singapore 049145
Omsk Carbon Singapore Pte Ltd company is 100 % OCG subsidiary that located in Singapore where our employees provide us with professional outsourcing services to keep our financial and bookkeeping reports in complacence with all official requirements and regulations. We are acting in carbon black supply to Rubber and Tire industries at Pacific Asian markets. Pacific Asian markets are growing very fast and our Singapore team members are facing every day new challenges for the customers success and growing up processes. We provide our customers with different services and as per their requirements or needs using “door to door” service. We use different types of our goods deliveries as well as combine deliveries “truck-sea way-truck to the customers door/warehouse”.
All our production lines and offices are ISO certified.
Shanghai OCG Limited
Omsk Carbon Group’s office in China


Was founded in
Room 802-2, No.519 Shenchang Road, Minhang District, Shanghai (R&F Global Center), 201107
Shanghai OCG Limited is our sales and logistic center in China. It was founded in 2023 and delivers a wide array of commodity blacks based on the American ASTM standardization system and the interstate GOST 7885 standard that are intended for use in various production purposes: polymer products, fibers, films, cables, paints.

Worldwide Locations

Products are supplied to  Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavian countries, Middle East, North and South America, CIS and Asian countries.
of Omsk Carbon Group’s products are sold for export
The geographical location of production sites and logistics organized in a seamless way substantially expand business opportunities and allow the company to plan deliveries to different areas with the maximum efficiency.
The company cooperates with leading international tire companies and manufacturers of industrial rubber products, plastics, paints and other products made using carbon black.