Omsk Carbon Group
Omsk Carbon Group
Omsk Carbon Group
Omsk Carbon Group is one of the 10 leading carbon black producers in the world, and one of the fastest growing private companies in the Siberian region.
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Production science
Production technology improvement and integration into global manufacturing processes are fundamental for successful development of Omsk Carbon Group.
The manufacturing process at Omsk Carbon Group facilities is organized in accordance with international chemical legislation requirements.
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17/1, Pushkina str.
Omsk, Russia, 644024

+7 (3812) 32-53-36

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Carbon black
Omsk Carbon Group is a manufacturer of high-tech products ensuring a significant boost in plastics and rubber production
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New quality level
Carbon black enhances physical and mechanical properties of materials, which makes end product usage more effective.
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Carbon black is a much-needed product for both industrial and daily-life applications.
Mechanical rubber goods
Printing inks and toners
Food contact
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Developed to meet market needs, OMCARB is a series of high-purity, conductive and pigment grades of carbon black.
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