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Vladimir Likholobov, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, professor, doctor of chemical sciences, director of the Institute of Hydrocarbons Processing SB RAS:

- The activities of the Institute is closely combined study of fundamental and applied nature, mutually feeding each other's goals and ideas. The presence of a pilot basis and, therefore, able to handle the elements of industrial technology and to produce experimental batches of new products create the conditions for rapid progress on cycle "idea - fundamental research - technological research - material", which gives the scientific development of innovative real significance.

Today, among progressive-minded people formed a solid understanding of what science is - is a national resource, a basic component of economic and social prosperity of the state. It is gratifying that such an understanding we have seen the leadership of the Omsk region and business owners. We are bound by many years of cooperation with company "Omsktehuglerod" Today, this cooperation is entering a new level of quality in connection with the creation of the Research Center of carbon and polymers.

Thanks to the continuous generation of new ideas developed in the research and experimental-technology sectors, our Institute has the potential to be in the right vector of innovation development of the country.

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