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Valery Kaplunat

Valery Kaplunat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Omsk Carbon Group:

- Today, there are all the conditions for growth. Omsk Carbon Group recently significantly increased the volume of orders including on the domestic market. Global brands that have built factories in Russia with a high level of localization are increasing the production of tires. If earlier, for example, the Nokian was more profitable to haul tires from Finland, today they released it at its plant in Vsevolozhsk from Russian components, which due to the fall of the ruble become cheaper. In addition, the tire is 95% of the rubber and carbon black, which is produced in Russia. In other words, we see that the effect of import substitution really works. However, I specify, in this case, the import is replaces not those rubber, which is available on the domestic equipment, but we have produced high-quality products for foreign brands, which popular all over the world.

The sharp devalvation of the ruble increased the competitiveness of our company in foreign markets. The company has an opportunity to be more flexible in pricing, to offer our partners profitable terms of payment, to introduce incentives preferences and, ultimately, to increase its market share.

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Concerning the priorities

The enterprise dynamically develops, carbon black production output increases – there is a need to conquer new sales markets…


About new projects

The implementation of our project in Belarus is one more step of technical progress and innovation-driven growth. The project involves transferring knowhow and experience of the Russian leader in the production of carbon black, which is classified as a nano-product in Europe.


From science to production

Today, among progressive-minded people formed a solid understanding of what science is - is a national resource, a basic component of economic and social prosperity of the state.


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