Special grades OMCARB™ - series:

OMCARB1) High-purity line (MRG)
2) Conductive line
3) Pigment line


High-purity line (MRG):

OMCARB S500OMCARB™ S500 and OMCARB™ S500A are high purity carbon black grades, specially designed for MRG. This products combine the highest degree of reinforcement, which is achieved due to high structure of the products, and exceptional purity, providing the final products with smooth surface. This grades have low grit content that makes it possible to produce high quality extruded profiles with very low surface undispersed particles . They are suitable for automotive extruded profiles, window profiles, seals and hydraulic hoses as well as for molded plastic profiles.

OMCARB™ S700 is a purity grade of carbon black with low reinforcing ability. It provides high resilience for rubber compounds as well as improved dynamic properties and low hysteresis. OMCARB S700 is perfectly suited for injection molding and extrusion (producing seals, profiles, gaskets and hydraulic hoses). The use of this grade enables reducing viscosity of rubber compouds and mold fouling. 

OMCARB S800OMCARB™ S800 is a purity carbon black with higher dispersion level as compared to standard carbon black grades. OMCARB™ S800 demonstrates excellent dispersion in compounds, high resistivity preventing rubber compounds from premature electrochemical destruction. It imparts high resilience and surface smoothness for rubber goods. OMCARB™ S800 is suitable for low viscosity porous rubber profiles, recommended for using in the production of radiator hoses to prevent electrochemical destruction, in engine suspension and driving belts where low hysteresis is required.

OMCARB S810OMCARB™ S810 provides high elongation and resilience as well as low compression set. Rubber items containing OMCARB™ S810 are characterized by good resilience and smooth surface. It is ideally suitable for viscosity porous rubber profiles manufacturing. OMCARB™ S810 is recommended for using in the production of radiator hoses to prevent electrochemical destruction. The product is also used in the production of rubber goods, footwear, inner tubes, tire insulting layers, shock absorbers.

OMCARB S820OMCARB™ S820 easy to disperse carbon black with high level of distribution in polymers due to low surface area and high structure. Rubber products from compounds filled with OMCARB™ S820 improves rubber compounds processing properties and decreases compression set. Easiness and high quality of dispersibility make OMCARB™ S820 ideal for extruded rubber product applications where smooth surface appearance and high elasticity are desired..


Conductive line:

OMCARB C40OMCARB™ C40 is an electroconductive high-purity grade with low content of ash and sulfur. The grade is used for producing semi-conducting polymer compounds for medium voltage cables with a guaranteed service life of 30-35 years.

OMCARB C140OMCARB™ C140 is a unique grade of carbon black with medium electroconductivity. Despite its highly developed surface, when added to polymers the grade has no significant influence on their physical properties and processibility. OMCARB C140 is used to produce electrically conductive plastics, antistatic rubbers (hoses for flammable and combustible liquids, belts, conveyor belts), anodic rubber ground wire (in order to discharge static electricity from gas and petroleum pipelines).

OMCARB CH85OMCARB™ CH85 is characterized by high absorption properties and structure providing increased physical and mechanical characteristics as well as low volume resistivity of rubber compounds. It is used in the production of power cables/wire jacketing, conveyor belts, driving belts, antistatic floor coverings in medical establishments.


Pigment line:

OMCARB™ P80  is a pigment black with medium tinting strength. Due to its low structure, excellent dispersability can be achieved. The grade is used for various inks (both water-based and non-water-based), imparting to them blue undertone.

OMCARB P110OMCARB™ P110 is a high purity pigment grade with high tinting strength and good opaqueness. The grade is designed for producing polymer masterbatches with a high UV-absorption level: drinking water and utility pipes, agricultiral films, outer sheaths of power cables and artificial fibers.

OMCARB P140OMCARB™ P140 is a pigment grade with high tinting strength for maximum jetness of articles. It is used for producing decorative plestic articles, masterbatches and high-tensile rubbers.


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