Carbon black production process is based on incomplete combustion of oil and coke-chemical feedstock and is considered to be the product with the highest content of carbon. The only natural product, which has the similar structure is graphite. The only differences are distance between the graphene layers (0.350-0.365 nm in carbon black vs 0.335 nm in graphen ) horizontal shift of the layers.

The simplest carbon black particle has spherical form. It can be imagined like a cabbage, where its leaves can be considered as 3-5 level layers of graphene planes. Particle size can vary between 8 and 285 nanometers depending on the method and conditions of carbon black production. Single free state particles can exist for a half a second after formation, then all this particles are get connected and form aggregates.

Carbon black dispersity (diameter of primary particles) and structure (size and branching of aggregates) define its range of further application.

Carbon black is widely used in different industries:

  • 70% are consumed by tire producers.
  • 20% — mechanical rubber goods: laying and gasket, conveyor belts, transmission belts, vibration isolators and others formed and extruded products.
  • 10% — other industries: paint and varnish, polymeric and defense industry, manufacturing of pipes and cables, adhesive and sealant, storage batteries.

Omsk Carbon Group produces widely spread grades. Its assortment includes 19 ASTM grades:

  • Tread grades: N115, N121, N134, N220, N234, N299, N326, N330, N339, N347, N375
  • Carcass grades: N539, N550, N650, N660
  • Low-dispersed grades: N762, N772, N774, N787

And 17 specialty grades of OMCARB™ lines:

  • High-purity line (MRG): S500, S500A, S700, S800, S810, S820
  • Conductive line: C40, C140, CH85, CH200, CH210, CH600
  • Specialty tire line: H80, H100
  • Pigment line: P80, P110, P140


Depending on customer requirements the product may be shipped in bulk in special railway wagon - hopper (65% of all shipped production), or in the package: big bags (FIBC ~1t) (25 %), polyethylene small bags in bulk (2 %), and small bags on pallet (8 %).

Packaged carbon black loading norms depend on the type of transport:

Transport → Packing Car container 20 FCL container 40 FCL Small r/w wagon Large r/w wagon
Small bag up to 14 mt up to 26 mt up to 40 mt up to 40 mt
Big bag up to 20 mt 13 items 24 items 26 items 30 items
Small bags on pallet up to 20 mt 13 items 23 items 28-30 items 32-34 items

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