Feedback: Always a Reciprocal Process

27 February, 2017

Managers and employees of OCG’s offices in Germany, Romania, Turkey, Canada and the USA took part in an extended operational meeting, held in Omsk from February 13 through 21.

Our international colleagues were involved in a training, talks with their colleagues at the central office and visits to the Omsk production site. A common thread running through meetings with the Omsk office’s specialists was the need for a feeling of stability and a solid foundation in collaboration towards the accomplishment of goals. Reflecting on their week-long visit to Siberia, the international offices’ managers and employees noted that “the trip was useful because it charged us with the feeling of common interest, team spirit, creative energy and willingness to implement new projects”.


Valeriy KAPLUNAT, the Head of Omsk Carbon Group, commented on the meeting:

— We are a project where the government’s role is very small. Therefore, we are free to build up a team as we deem best. The key factor for us is a competitive environment created by major international players. When people work a thousand km away from one another, there is surely no room for the feeling of fellowship in remote communication. So spiritual values and a common ideology are essential for solidarity, unity and in-sync work. It is via these methods that the corporate culture manifests itself.

Our organizational matrix and systemic business microclimate equal and sometimes better Western models. Our business is aimed at expansion into the markets of Western Europe, North America and Southeast Asia, which requires us to get an insight into their psychology, perception and sentiment. Therefore, we need feedback as an indicator of established relationship forms and systems.

Our international representatives are full contributors to the overall operational process. Our customers are industrial facilities rather than households as products we manufacture work as ingredients in an even more complex system. It is our requirement that as a part of our team, our international colleagues comply with all of our corporate standards and rules with feedback playing a crucial role. This is always a reciprocal process.

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