Social policy

The OCG management strives to create the most attractive and comfortable working environment possible, conditions for realizing personnel creative potential, professional and personal growth, and keep the workers highly motivated for efficient production of carbon black, meeting customer requirements and quality standards.

The OCG social policy performs the following tasks:

1. Building and developing talent as a basis for company growth.

2. Workers protection using a system of benefits and guarantees, provided by the government, employment laws and the company management.

2. Respecting interests of all parties to industrial relations: EMPLOYEE, EMPLOYER, GOVERNMENT.

3. Reproducing labor power through work and recreation management, regulating compensation in accordance with applicable laws.

The OCG social benefits and guarantees:

  • Providing personnel with transportation to and from work for free;
  • An employee health service on the plant premises;
  • Upgrading workplace technological capacity and enhancing workplace comfort;
  • Financial aid in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement;
  • Health resort vouchers for employees;
  • Children’shealthcampvouchers;
  • Organizing sporting events, participating in inter-industry competitions;
  • Training, skills upgrading and personnel development;
  • Awarding employees on the occasion of professional holidays;
  • Year-endfinancialincentives;
  • Vacationbonuses;
  • Severance pay for persons who have attained pension age and worked over 15 years at carbon black plants;
  • One-time bonuses depending on the length of employment at Omsk carbon black plants.
  • Subsidized meals for workers of all shops and other employees.

Compliance with employment and labor laws:

  • Timely payment of salary;
  • Annualsalaryindexation;
  • Higher payments, reduced working hours and extra leaves in case of working conditions deviating from standards;
  • Professionalmedicalcheck-ups;
  • No child labor and no labor of persons under eighteen;
  • Compliance with occupational safety rules and standards;
  • Adherence to work and rest schedule;
  • Personaldataprotection.


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